Kitatta Ibrahim Almalik

District Chairperson

Hon Members of Parliament,
The Resident District Commissioner,
Mr. Speaker sir,
Members of Council,
Technical Staff headed by Chief Administrative Officer.
Members in the gallery that include the District Khadi, the District Administrative Secretary of the National Resistance Movement, the District Police Commander, the Media Fraternity , many outgoing leaders including the Mayor of this Town Council that is hosting us (Lwengo Town Council) current and outgoing and the Mayor of Kyazanga Town Council , Invited guests, ladies and gentlemen , All Protocol observed .
My address which is the first (maiden) to this Council, will be very brief in the interest of time.
First and foremost, I would like to thank you as the people of Lwengo for the trust you gave me to serve you as the Chairperson of Lwengo District Local Government. I can ably say that I will forever be grateful to you for the opportunity you have given me to serve as the Chairperson of Lwengo Local Government.
Let me Introduce to you my dear wife. My wife, Sharifah Nagaddya, let it go on the Hansard of Lwengo district that I am the first LCV Chairperson of Lwengo to introduce my dear wife to Council. No Chairperson has ever introduced his wife to the Council. Thank you my wife for looking after me and our family.
We shall do whatever we can within our capacity to unite our District and move as one irrespective of our religions, tribes, creed, political parties, and all other issues that may be between us as people.
We are a rainbow District. In the past, we used to have the National Resistance Movement - NRM dominate all positions. But gone are those days, and we will be blind if we choose not to listen to the thoughts and considerations of our people.
The Constituency of Bukoto South brought to Council only National Unity Platform (NUP) councilors, the Constituencies of Bukoto Mid-West and Bukoto West brought to Council NRM and NRM leaning Independent Councilors.
Our new cabinet and our new leadership will be a representative of Lwengo as a whole if we are to move forward as a team.
We copy this from our Party leader His Excellency General Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, President of Uganda, who has had a rainbow cabinet since 1986 and I strongly believe that even his 2021 cabinet will be a rainbow cabinet.
During our campaigns, I pledged to sanitize the politics of Lwengo District Local government. I pledged to return due respect to the office of the Chairman of Lwengo District. I will not insult you, I will not beat you up. I will never abuse you. I will give respect to this office while within and outside the District.
From today, a person befitting the office of Chairperson of Lwengo District Local Government has taken charge of the reigns of this noble office.
On Inclusive Service Delivery.
We will work with our technical staff led by the Chief Administrative Officer to deliver the pledges as promised by President Yoweri Museveni in the 2021-2026 NRM Manifesto.
I have had a lengthy discussion with our NRM and Independent Councilors, and we have also had a very lengthy discussion with the NUP Party Councilors with whom we have agreed as a team to put our political differences aside so as to push the agenda of the government forward without any hindrance, for the benefit of our people.
To our dear Technical Staff;
A lot has been said, I will not go through those details, listen to my words. I am not that person you have been told that I am. I can only be that person if you choose to push me to be that person. I will work with you, especially those who come to work with us with unclenched fists. Really, if someone comes to you with clenched fists, what would you expect of them ? That would be an open declaration of war and that's the last thing that we want to go for.
We have come to seek your advice, we have come to seek your counsel, hard work, patience, prayer and dedicated service.
As I have already told you already in the meeting we had upstairs, let us calm down our nerves, let us listen to each other, let us respect each other. Amongst us are some slow learners, I too may be a slow learner, don't be so quick when am slow. I too won't be quick when you are slow. Let us do whatever it takes within our power to move as a team.
Our roads are pathetic, the schools don't deserve the name to be called schools. Our hospitals have become a death bed, when you move in our roads its as if you are moving ...i don't know. In our culture they call them entabire (a Runyankore word referring to a dug garden yet to be used for crop plantation) something like that.
Corruption in Lwengo has been too much, we have had a system of talking and not working, talking but doing something to the contrary, do as I say not as I do.
Our leadership will be a leadership of *KUSEMA NA KUTENDA*, to talk and move, to walk the talk and; ..
To all those who are wishing to walk the talk, you have us as allies and to those who will only talk and sleep (on the job), you have chosen that side of history and we shall condemn you to that side of history.
My predecessor, Mr. Mutabazi George has done some great work, he has run his mile, he has done some tremendous work for Lwengo District.
We thank the two people who donated land to Lwengo District, Haj Nasiri Mutazzibwa Mayor Lwengo Town Council and Honorable Kitatta Aboud MP Bukoto West Constituency, I have been handed over a district administration block that is yet to be completed. It's not fully built and completed. It is a construction site. We shall complete it in this term of office and the people of Lwengo will enjoy it fully and;
With those few remarks, I call upon this Council to think about our people first, you too are not animals, you are people, let's us serve them, let us serve each other.
A lot has been said against us, we now have a duty and an opportunity to prove them wrong, and with the stewardship of the Rt Hon Speaker Hon Senozi Peregrino and Deputy Speaker Hon Nabakka Bena I am confident that Lwengo will move places.
Kitatta Ibrahim Almalik
LC V Chairperson
Lwengo District Local Government.