Lwengo District Core Programs

Energy and Infrastructure development Program

Energy and Infrastructure development Program is the second pillar of the New Lwengo District Investment Plan 2013/14-2023/24 aimed at shifting Lwengo from peasantry to a middles class status within 10-15 years. This program aims to sculpt a unique skyline of Lwengo District into a modern state of art Infrastructure city, with an international airport facility, creating a million homes for over 80% of the population in an integrated living environment. This will be achieved through strategic partnership with the private sector, development partners, and civil society sector.  

The program will explore value proposition in international expertise across the whole real estate value chain, encompassing architecture, engineering, project and construction management, cost and contracts management, urban planning, coastal engineering, infrastructure, sustainable design technologies and city management.

In the immediate term, the program is exploring partnership with Village Power Uganda/TASS a German solar energy company, DFCU Bank, CRANE BANK and the Uganda National Entrepreneurship Development Institute (UNEDI) to develop bankable Village based Savings and Credit Cooperative Societies aimed at enabling each homestead acquire solar power for clean energy, clean water, agriculture production and support both health and education services. This will be supplemented by construction of at least two modern valley dams in each parish for purposes of irrigation, animal water and substance usage by the communities.