Lwengo District Core Programs

Responsible Leadership, Citizenship Participation and Accountability Program

Trust between governments and citizens are essential for good governance and participation. In order to build trust, governments need to communicate in a transparent way about past and future decisions and actions. Government however should not only inform but also involve citizens. The ideas and opinions that they put forward in policy –making and implementation process provide valuable input for improving the quality of local policies and services. This was clearly illustrated in the recent concluded Lwengo District retreat 2013 that brought together 1500 delegates representing local people right from Village level to success entrepreneurs in district, Local and national leaders, Investors and professionals who are born of Lwengo.

Responsible Leadership, Citizenship Participation and Accountability Program which is the fourth program of the New Lwengo District Investment Plan aims at helping the local leadership in developing vision, Managing services and communications with internal and external stakeholders,

The program activities will focus on creating a visionary community of Lwengo District; further build capacity of both the political leadership and technical staff of the district on effective services delivery and service above self while enabling local leadership to remain committed and confident to succeeding against all odds and pessimism.