Lwengo District Core Programs

Financial Inclusion and Financial Infrastructure System Program

This is the fifth program pillar of the District Investment Plan 2013/14-2023/24, the program aims at advancing the entire community access to appropriate and affordable financial services which are crucial for growth. More than 80 percent of the people in Lwengo are unbanked and have limited or no access to financial services such as savings, loans, credit, insurance, or payments.

This program aims at developing a systematic financial infrastructure that underpin financial inclusion, lowering the cost of doing business in Lwengo, the risks and costs of providing financial services to low income earners and micro and small Businesses by large financial institutions, Payment systems facilitation, business transactions e.g access to clean waters, energy, health and education services and bring safety and efficiency to financial systems in rural environment. Through complimentary activities under the PPCP and Energy and Infrastructure program, this program will focus on strengthening the capacity of local SACCOs, MFIs, to provide financial Literacy and business culture to communities while attracting financial institutions to invest in Lwengo district.

Although healthcare challenges can vary from region to region, healthcare systems around the world have the same objective: to finance and deliver the highest quality of health care to the maximum number of people at the lowest possible cost. This program will further explore avenues through use of mobile money banking and SACCOs development to enable Lwengo resident acquire comprehensive health Care under Lwengo District Healthcare system.